Online Community For Exchange

Living in an urban city, we are blessing with abundances of resources at our fingertips. However, there are times where we neglect our brothers and sisters living in rural area, simply because of the inaccessibility to current technology. In 2010, roughly 86% of Canadians living in rural areas and small towns had reported to be self-employed. Many of these people come into difficulty in deviating from federal financial assistance to labour forces. As a result, families suffer from financial issues. My classmates; KevinMichelle, and I took the opportunity to research further and discovered that in order to survive, groups of the rural communities have become heavily dependent on farming as a form of self-employment. We wanted to create a solution by utilizing the resources they may have at their disposal.

The Solution

Platter is an online community that connects people together by creating a local marketplace for goods and services. It serves as a hub for exchanging based on one's needs. This way, not only is exchange more effective and efficient, but this helps people in rural areas to build new relationships.

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Adobe Design Achievement Award

Information Design Finalist - Honourable Mention 2013