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IxDA Student Challenge 2015

The Objective

IxDA 2015 Student Challenge - The Future we deserve

In addition to gathering insights from the people around you, start observing services you use and know so well. Think around the following lines:

Virtual services in the home — could virtual reality enable health education without ever walking into a clinic, or lessons without ever being in a classroom? Who in your communities will benefit most from this new reality? And why?

Empowered citizens — how would you leverage artificial intelligence to improve living standards and empower citizens? Who would benefit most from this solution? And why?

Neighborhood networks — what if physical communities functioned as effective networks, where citizens could use their local knowledge and relationships to improve safety, engagement and exchange?

In 2014, IxDA had challenged students to envision a wearable city and through it, to connect people to San Francisco in imaginable ways. My partner, Mimi and I, had researched and discovered the unfortunate high crime rate in the city of San Francisco. In 2012, the rate of violent crimes was an alarming 346.3 crimes per 100 000 population in comparison to the national average of 214 per 100 000 population. We took the opportunity to further explore the neighbourhood and found that within the same year, there were 5 317 burglaries, 3 484 robberies, and 28 242 reported thefts in San Francisco. It was clear a solution was needed to protect and reduce the amount of crimes in this area.

There were multiple of approaches to tackle the high crime rates in San Francisco. By utilizing the current wearable technology, Mimi and I had developed the idea of iWatch, a mobile and desktop application that would sync together to allow homeowners to monitor their home and neighbouring cameras at any opportunity. See below for the progress notes of Everywear.

The Solution

Everywear is an across platform, comprised of iWatch, a mobile and desktop application that provides live surveillance streaming from home security cameras directly to the user’s iWatch. The goal of Everywear is to reduce amount of crime and to give individuals comfort and security of their home and neighbourhood. With a secure log-in feature, our product provides an on-the-go, real-time access to your live camera view in order to monitor your space. This wearable, mobile, and desktop application provides security to be at their fingertips.

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